Our Story!

Our Story!

Brushund and I run a few businesses here in CROSBY, Texas, but YardDate.com is our beginning. This business was born out of a necessity. An idea to combat the layoffs of employment, at a time when instability was as its highest. We Absolutely needed it to succeed. Both of our parents had green thumbs, but ours was a mixture of colors. It’s been one of the most difficult, but truly rewarding adventures. We both stepped out on faith and pursed an idea that we both enjoyed.

In 2004, our first introduction to business was an Audio/Video and Digital imaging company that we created. We were extremely green to business to say the least. However, that is where we developed and sharpened our design style and skills, grew as a business owners, and learned how to work as a team your signifiant other. 

With Profits down and now 3 children we made the tough decision to close and focus on growing and raising our family. During this time, we really focused on family, working, education, and were finally married in 2011. This meant a lot to us we still worked together on different projects, but in 2015 after  Brushund’s 2nd lay off of work and my first layoff of work we were ready to venture back into being entrepreneurs. In 2017 we decided to become financially conscious and in control of our own destiny for future of our family. We started investing and building the lives that we wanted to create.

Fast forward here we are! The business plans that started out as a small idea jotted down is unbelievable. 

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit with us. When you visit Crosby, TX we hope you feel at home. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a service Date or just to say Hello. Along with our team we would love to have you. If you have any questions or comments email at info@YardDate.com. Stay tuned to be apart of our next adventure!

We appreciate you guys.

May God Light your Walkway,



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